Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Haha, today is just one of those days...dry spell? Can it be a dry spell if its been about a month-ish? Yes it can! Ugh. There are so many factors to consider before sleeping with someone, first and formost for me is the emotional connection. Should we sleep with people without loving them? I'm not sure, I think there has to be some sort of bond between you. Keep in mind that if you are friends you may forever ruin your friendship if things don't work out. If you are strangers then theres the worry of STD's or I's....whatever....There is also the issue of getting attached to the person after being 'intimate'.

Thats just the beginning then there are other things, like knowing whats okay and whats off limits, and of course like anything in life the 'venue' is an issue too. Sneaking guys into my room when my parents are out is no longer an option. We must resport to different things, not that I don't love adventure ;) I really do. But, if you really want to let loose and not be all tense, then you need to find a good place.

Then there is etiquette, some people like to shower before or after, some people like to sleep, or cuddle, or just take off making it all seem like a sleazy booty-call.

What do I like? I think I need to love someone to sleep with them, and know them well enough to draw their face in my mind, know the sound of their voice, know what their favourite foods are, know where they live, and know their last name. Not bad right? So no one night stands? Nope, not for me. I need to be courted, wined and dined. My smile needs to burst when I get his text or call, my head needs to spin when the conversation gets intense, my hands need to long to caress him....impossible to sleep with someone without touching them right? haha. I like to kiss a lot, I like to be warmed up. I like to be spontaneous and a bit dangerous sometimes. I like to have fun ;) I like to try new things, I don't particularily care if he showers before as long as he doesn't stink and showering after is not an option with me, just in case theres round 2 !!!

Lots of things to consider... But its just sex so whats all the fuss about?


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  1. hahaha I made an account just to comment =D yay now I can stalk and follow you!